Safe Winter Driving Tips

2016 Dodge Durano - Barron, WI

Do you already have an emergency kit packed inside your car?

Driving in winter time can be dangerous, especially when you live somewhere cold with heavy rain and snow and you’re regularly driving on slippery, icy roads. But safe winter driving isn’t impossible if you follow these easy tips.

The best way to stay safe on wet roads is to keep up with car maintenance. A strong battery, properly inflated tires, and good brakes are essential. Get an inspection before winter starts and strictly follow your maintenance schedule, including getting oil changes and tire rotations.

Create an emergency kit for your car in case you do end up in an accident that includes a flashlight, flares, food and water, a shovel, something to give your car traction like cat litter or salt, and anything else you might need if you’re stopped on the side of the road for a while.

When you’re driving, go slow and give yourself plenty of stopping distance instead of driving close behind the person in front of you. Slamming on the brakes can actually make you lose traction and skid when you’re driving on ice, so coast to a stop whenever possible and brake gradually.

Practice driving in empty parking lots so you know what your vehicle does in a skid and how to correct it. Avoid driving distractions and always keep your headlights on in fog, rain, and snow.

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